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Why You Should Order Contact Lenses Online

You have finally made the switch from glasses to contact lenses. You did the test, the doctor wrote your prescription, you tested your trial pair, and now you wear contact lenses everyday. It is a liberating feeling and you are sold on contact lenses. Suddenly rain is not a problem and you can enjoy 3D movies without trying to balance those plastic glasses over yours. Now the only problem is that whenever your contact lenses are all used up, you have to call the optometrist and get them to reorder them. This means sometimes waiting a week to get your contact lenses.

Why You Should Order Contact Lenses Online

Also, if you just go with what your doctor prescribed, you do not know if you are getting the best value for your money and, let’s be honest, you order everything else online, from underwear, to shoes to food, so why not order contact lenses online?

Now ordering contact lenses online is not like ordering food or underwear online. These are a medical supplies that go into your eyes. If something goes wrong, it is not as easy as reordering a pizza, so be sure you know how to order online and what to consider when picking contact lenses.

To make sure you are ready to go clicking for contacts, have all the necessary information updated and on hand. You of course need your delivery address, but also make sure to have your doctor’s contact information ready as well. Obviously, you need your most up to date prescription as well, to make sure that the contact lenses coming to you in the mail will give you crystal clear vision.

On the topic of prescriptions, you should make very sure that the contact lens strength that has arrived at your house, matches your prescription exactly. This will make wrong contact lenses easier to return if you need to.

If you have vision care covered by your insurance, make sure to ask the online retailer what they need from you as far as insurance information or maybe talk to your insurance provider about how ordering contact lenses online will work with your coverage. 

What is great about ordering contact lenses online, is the variety. Maybe you are wearing monthly disposable right now, but the number of options out there can be mind blowing. Depending on your needs or wants, you can change what kind of contact lenses you wear.

Daily contact lenses are perfect for those of us who do not want to bother with cleaning and rinsing and upkeep. If you are the kind of person who has a very planned routine and you can work maintenance into your day, then monthly contact lenses are available. You can even split the difference and get weekly contact lenses to fit your optic needs.

The number of other contact lens options will blow your mind and, to make sure you get the right kind for your eyes, you should shop around as much as possible. Today Lens is a good place to start looking to order contact lenses online.