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Biomedics 55 Premier

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Cooper Vision
Lenses per Package: 
Material, Water Content: 
Ocufilcon D 55% water
Product Brand: 
Product Category:
Wearing Schedule: 
Daily Wear
(Lowest Price - 8 or more Packs)

Quantity1 - 78 - Unlimited
  • Eye
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Product Description: 
Biomedics 55 Premier contact lenses are aspherical contact lenses that corrects for aberrations a patient may have in their eye. Biomedics 55 Premier focuses light to a common focal point, allowing you to see with clearer, sharper vision. These contact lens are weekly disposable lenses and there are 6 lenses per box. These lenses is also known as: Ultraflex, Medflex, Polysoft, Proflex, Softmed, Target, Aqualens, Flextique, and Versaflex. These brands are all the exact same product. PLEASE NOTE: Plus (+) power only available in an 8.8 base curve, and minus (-) power only available in 8.6 and 8.9 base curve

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