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PureVision Multi-Focal

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Bausch & Lomb
Lenses per Package: 
Material, Water Content: 
Balafilon A 36% water
Product Brand: 
Product Category:
Multifocal Lenses, PureVision
Wearing Schedule: 
Daily Wear
(Lowest Price - 4 or more Packs)

Quantity1 - 34 - Unlimited
  • Eye
  • Right
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Product Description: 
PureVision Multifocal monthly wear contact lens are approved 30 day continuous wear for people who have presbyopia. However, only your eye care provider can determine if these contacts are right for you and how many days and nights you can wear them. It is important that you follow your eye care provider's wearing instructions. PLEASE NOTE: LOW add power is for up to +1.50D, HIGH add power is for +1.75D to +2.50D

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