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What to Know About Colored Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses are experiencing significant growth and increasing popularity in recent times, both among those who wear prescription contact lenses, and those who just want to have a different tone, or eye colour.

What to Know About Colored Contact Lenses

What are colored contact lenses?

There are two main types, the first being prescription lenses that correct your vision, like regular contact lenses, but also changing or enhancing your eye color. 

The second type of colored contact lens are those that solely alter your eye color, which are also known as 'plano' lenses. These contain no prescription, allowing virtually anyone to wear them, though they still require the same eye care, maintenance and regular eye examinations that a contact lens wearer is subject to.

What Not to Do When Cleaning Your Contact Lenses

Your eyes are an incredibly important part of your body, so looking after them with the right techniques is crucial.

One of the best methods for doing this is to be aware of the potential pitfalls when cleaning your contact lenses, with six of the most common mistakes listed below.

Avoid: Poor hand hygiene

The first technique to avoid is likely our most obvious, though also one of the most important. Having clean hands is essential when touching your contact lenses, as any dirt, debris and bacteria will be passed onto them, which then has a high chance of ending up in your eye.

This can cause discomfort and even infection, so ensure that you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water before beginning the cleaning process.

Avoid: Cleaning with excessive force

How to protect your eyes from eye strain

In this digital age, we are becoming more and more reliant on technology to go about our daily lives, and while this has led to fantastic advancements, it also means that we spend several hours a day exposed to screens. Long exposure to screens can lead to eye strain and nearsightedness, so it’s very important that you take measures to avoid any permanent eye damage. Here we’ve outlined a few ways you can protect yourself from eye strain and other problems.

How to protect your eyes from eye strain

Take Breaks

Should you Wear Contact Lenses?

Whether you are a long-time glasses wearer, or have only recently required spectacles, finding out the answer to 'are contact lenses right for me?' is a question everyone requiring corrective vision should ask themselves.

While there is no definitive, one size fits all answer to the question itself, as people's experiences are unique to their own situation, there are a number of different angles that may help you work out if they are right for you.

New product advancements

Contact lenses have advanced a significant amount since their first conception, particularly so in the last few years. They now cater to a much broader market, with improvements helping to assist in every type of condition and vision correction that contact lens wearers may face.

Know the Types of Contact Lenses

About the accessibility of sorts of best contact Lenses, it can be said that they are accessible in various sorts to manage distinctive remedial issues of eyes. A few choices are accessible just to change eye shading from dark or chestnut to violet or whatever other.

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The division of focal points should be possible on various classes. The primary method for arranging them is on the premise of material sort. Nowadays, plastic is utilized for focal points and plastic is known not a more agreeable fit. Another method for sorting is on the premise of timetable of wearing and supplanting focal points. Here, the contacts can be delegated day by day wear and amplified wear sorts.