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Colored Contact Lenses: Fun Looks for Costume Parties, Photoshoots, or Brunch

There are plenty of reasons to wear colored contact lenses, but at the end of the day the only thing that matters is that you look great. Whether you’re looking for non-prescription lenses or you have astigmatism, there are a few things to watch out for. After all, everyone has unique vision needs and requires different things from their lenses.

Tips and Tricks to Find the Best Lenses

There are few things you should know about choosing lenses.

Wearing Contact Lenses: Are You Doing It Right?

Wearing contact lenses can be a very freeing experience, especially while playing sports or getting active outdoors. Many people even prefer them to glasses in their everyday lives, which is totally understandable, so long as you’re taking care of your eyes in the meantime. Whether it’s your first time wearing contact lenses, or you’ve been using them for years, check out the following tips to make sure your technique for wearing, cleaning, and storing them is exactly what the optician ordered.

Getting the Routine Correct

Important Reasons to Buy Canadian for Your Contact Lenses

Aiming to buy Canadian when choosing your contact lenses supplier is ideal, and not just because you’re supporting local business. Canada-based companies are known for offering great prices, no import fees and providing excellent customer service, too. In this piece, we delve a little bit deeper into why going Canadian for your next purchase of contact lenses is best for everyone.

1. No added import fees

One of the positives about our global economy is the availability of so many different products and services that we can’t get at home. Because of this, most consumers have gotten used to picking the lowest price on their purchases – a great buying strategy in our opinion. However, there is one cost that might be overlooked when shipping from overseas: import taxes. By buying Canadian contact lenses, buyers can avoid this hidden, but expensive added fee.

2. Great customer service

5 Tips for Finding Deals on Cheap Contact Lenses

There are many activities which are much more enjoyable when wearing contact lenses, from hiking, to going on a night out with friends. Some people prefer wearing them to glasses every day, because of their convenience, or for aesthetic reasons.

Unfortunately, as those who have less than 20/20 vision will know, your optical health can be expensive when it all adds up, so finding cheap contact lenses can really save dollars in the long run.With that in mind, we’ve put together some key tips on the best ways to save money on your contact lenses.

1. See your optician first

Make sure to see your eye doctor before you make any decisions regarding buying cheap contact lenses – especially if you’re getting them for the first time. There are many different types and brands of contact lenses, and some of these won’t suit your eyes.

5 Activities That Are Better with Contact Lenses

Are you considering switching to contact lenses? There are a number of activities that can be far safer and more enjoyable when wearing contact lenses, as we elaborate on below:

Rock climbing

Whether you are an accomplished rock climber, or only starting out, using contact lenses has a number of advantages over glasses. The first and most obvious benefit is that you don't run the risk of your glasses falling from your head during a climb, which can be a problem for many wearers. Additionally, you also negate the risk of loose rocks or other items smashing your glasses, which may leave you with poor vision in a tricky or dangerous spot.

Mountain biking

Should I Choose Daily or Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses?

Whether you’re a first-time contact lens wearer,researching the right type for you, or a current wearer looking for a change, bear in mind that disposable contact lenses are a comfortable and effective alternative to glasses, and there is a type out there to suit every kind of lifestyle.

In this post, we discuss three different kinds of disposable contact lenses, and weigh up the benefits and pitfalls of each one.

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses